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Destination Specific Prices

A Destination Specific Price represents prices that are unique to certain areas that you ship to. This could be any area that is smaller than a state or province, such as a city or specific zip codes.

Destination Specific prices are useful when you have varying prices for a Shipping Rate inside of a Shipping Zone. Instead of offering a price to the entire zone, it can be restricted by Zip / Postal Code, City, or Company field. Here are some principles to keep in mind while building your destination-specific shipping lists:

  • If the dropdown you choose is worded ‘Destination is’ (eg: Zip / Postal code is), the shipping address at checkout must match one of the entries you provide for this price to apply
  • If the dropdown you choose is worded ‘Destination is not’ (eg: Zip / Postal code is not), the price will not apply if the shipping destination matches any of the entries in the list
  • You may enter multiple destinations as a comma-separated list
  • Entries are case-insensitive
  • Whitespace around every entry will be stripped. Space within an entry is okay (eg X0A 0W0)

How do I set up Destination Specific Shipping Price?

You can add Destination Specific rules as soon as you have created your first Shipping Rate.

Once inside the Shipping Rate:

  1. Click “New Price”, or “Edit” an existing one
  2. In the “Shipping To” section, click “Add a restriction”
  3. Select how you want to specify the area and add your destinations

Image displaying Prices Setup module for Destination Restrictions

UK Postcodes

Along with this guide, we have added several helpful features to help our UK merchants tackle the unique challenges posed by shipping within a country of countries. These features are covered in detail in our UK Guide.