Destination Specific Prices

A Destination Specific Price represents prices that are unique to certain areas that you ship to. This could be any area that is smaller than a state or province, such as a city or specific zip codes.

Destination Specific prices are useful when you have varying prices for a Shipping Rate inside of a Shipping Zone. Instead of offering the price to the entire zone, the price can be restricted by:

  • Zip or Postal Code
  • City
  • Company field

How do I set up Destination Specific Shipping Price

You can add Destination Specific rules as soon as you have created your first Shipping Rate.

Once inside the Shipping Rate:

  1. Click “New Price”, or “Edit” an existing one
  2. In the “Shipping To” section, click “Add a restriction”
  3. Select how you want to specify the area and add your destinations