Free Shipping Over Amount

With Parcelify you can quickly design a shipping rate that will only appear once your customers add a certain dollar amount to their cart. This is great for promotional sales or as a regular shipping rule on your shop!

How do I set up Free Shipping above a certain Price?

You can add Free Shipping rules as soon as you have created your first Shipping Rate.

Once inside the Shipping Rate:

  1. In your desired Shipping Zone, create a new Shipping Rate
  2. Give it a cool name and description (Example: Free shipping over $100)
  3. A few lines down from your description, click “Add Value Restriction”
  4. Click “Add Value Restriction”, or “Remove” an existing one
  5. In the “Minimum Value” field, type the minimum price a customer needs to have in their cart to qualify for free shipping.
  6. You can also add a “Maximum Value”.
  7. You can name your Shipping Rate in the “Name” field, and also add a “Description” that will be displayed at Checkout.

Image displaying a configuration for Free Shipping over $40