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Product Specific Prices

A Product Specific Price allows you to control shipping charges for an individual product or collection of products. Parcelify allows you to set up prices based on product SKU, Tags, Collections, Vendor, or Product Type.

Product Specific Prices are useful when you want to charge a set amount of shipping on certain products. This could be an oversized product, or something with specific shipping rules from a Drop Shipper or Supplier.

Using Product Specific calculations you can ensure that your customers are always paying the correct amount and are only shown the shipping rates that are relevant during checkout.

How to Set up Product Specific Shipping Prices?

Once you have created your first Shipping Rate, you will be able to add rules to create Product Specific Shipping Prices.

  1. Inside the Shipping Rate, under the Prices section, click edit or ‘New Price’
  2. Select ‘Products’ under applies to
  3. Next to ‘Products’ click ‘Add Restriction’
  4. Select the product field you wish to use, and enter the values that match the products this price is for
    • If the dropdown you choose states a product is (eg: Product tag is) in your list, at least one of those products must be in the order this price to apply
    • If the dropdown you choose states a product is not (eg: Product tag is not) in your list, the price will not apply if any of those products are in the order
    • Multiple inclusions/restrictions may be entered as a comma-separated list
    • If any entry in your restriction contains a comma, please surround it with quotation marks (Example: “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”)
    • Entries are case-insensitive

Product options

You may also restrict your shipping rate based on what Product Variants are in the cart. You will find “Product Option is” and “Product Option is not” along with all of the other product restrictions. Mostly the same rules as above apply.

The main difference when working with product options is you must supply both the option (Size, color, material) and variant to restrict (large, green, plaid) in the left and right fields respectively. Though you may only enter one option to evaluate, you can enter as many values as you wish in a comma separated list.


Now when those products are in the shipment, this price will apply only to the products that match what you have entered!

Image displaying Prices Setup module