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Rates are the rules that determine the shipping price, delivery times you present at checkout, for shipping products from one of your Locations to an address within a Zone.

Before you start

Before adding a rate we recommend that you read the following guide: Price rules: options and approaches

If you ship from multiple locations, please read our multi-location guide

Adding rates

  1. Go to the Location > Zone you want your rate to apply to
  2. From the Zone page, select the “Add shipping rates button”
  3. Enter the shipping rate details
    • Rate name - The name of the rate that will be displayed to your shoppers
    • Rate description - The description that is shown below the name of the rate
  4. Add Shipping Value Restrictions (Optional)
    • Shipping value restrictions are used to set minimum or maximum order prices this rate applies to
      • Ex: If you want this shipping rate to apply only for orders over $100 you would add the following:

        An image displaying a minimum value of one hundred dollars

        Note: The value is the retail price of the products in the order fulfilled from this location before any discount codes.
  5. Add Shipment Weight Restrictions (Optional)
    • Shipment weight restrictions are used to set minimum or maximum order weights this rate applies to.
      • Ex: If you want this shipping rate to only apply when the order weighs less than 25 kg you would add the following:


        Note: The weight is the weight of products being fulfilled form this location plus the weight of the default box as specified in your Shopify shipping settings.

  6. Enter your price rules.
    Important notes:
    • All products in the order must be included in at least one price rule for the rate to be returned at checkout.
    • All price rules that apply to the order will be added together to calculate the shipping rate’s price.
      Learn more about Price rules: options and approaches.
  7. Save
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