Shipping Profiles Troubleshooting

Sometimes you might find that you’ve set up a Shipping Rate correctly in Parcelify but it’s still not working properly in the Shopify Checkout.

This guide is designed to help you identify and correct issues with how Parcelify is configured in your Shopify Shipping settings.

Issues relevant to this documentation include:

  1. No Shipping Rates showing at checkout
  2. Shipping Rates show for some products but not others
  3. Shipping Rates no longer working after adding Locations or Shipping Profiles

Is Parcelify in your Shopify Shipping Profiles?

When you first install Parcelify, Shopify will only enable Parcelify access to your default Shipping Profile (typically named General Profile). If you use multiple Shipping Profiles, you will need to manually add and enable Parcelify into those Shipping Zones to have Parcelify deliver rates to customers in those zones.

Here is how to check and fix your Shipping Profiles:

  1. Go to your Shopify Admin page
  2. Click on ⚙️Settings
  3. Click on 🚚Shipping
  4. Click ‘Manage Rates’ next to your Shipping Profile
  5. Scroll down to the ‘Shipping To’ category and - if you don’t see Parcelify - click [Add Rate]
  6. If you clicked [Add Rate], select Use Carrier or app to calculate rates, then select Parcelify from the dropdown. You should see something like this: Dialog for enabling 3rd Party rates in Shopify

  7. Make sure ALL boxes you see are checked, especially ‘Automatically offer new shipping services when they become available (Note: Your screen may look different from the screenshot above)
  8. Click [Done]
  9. Click [Save] on this zone
  10. Repeat for any other zones you want to use our app for
  11. [Save] this profile
  12. Finally, repeat for any other shipping profiles where you have (or wish to have) Parcelify enabled

Once everything is checked off your rates should not only show up, but update any time you make a change within Parcelify.

If you add an additional zone in the future, you will need to follow these steps again to add Parcelify into the new Shipping Zone.

Why can’t I see my Shipping Rate in the Shopify Shipping admin page?

When you add a new Shipping Rate in Parcelify, it can take 24-48 hours to sync into Shopify’s Add Rate module. As long as you have the “Automatically Show New Sipping Services When They Become Available” box checked off, your rates will show up on the Shopify Checkout right away.

If you need to disable a shipping rate we recommend doing so directly in Parcelify.

Highlighted disable button on the Parcelify rate page

Why are my Shipping Rates doubling at Checkout?

When Shipping Profiles are enabled, Shopify will request shipping rates from Parcelify as if they are separate packages for a single order. Because Shopify assumes two separate packages are being shipped (one from each unique profile), your Shipping Rate is automatically doubled to account for this.

This assumption by Shopify is not ideal for many shops, and cannot be solved by Parcelify alone.

Why are my Shipping Rates not appearing when I add certain products?

Parcelify may receive two separate shipping rate requests from Shopify for a single checkout: One rate request for an item from one Shipping Profile for which Parcelify returns a rate, then another request for an item from another Shipping Profile for which Parcelify has no rate for.

When Shopify receives only one rate request for one of the “packages” and not the other, Shopify discards the rate entirely and does not provide it to the customer.

Unfortunately for third-party shipping rate providers like Parcelify, Shopify does not provide complete order information on each rate request, only the contents of the package the rate request represents. This makes it impossible to create rates based on the entire cart where items ship from differing locations with Shipping Profiles and will cause an error at Checkout instead of proving a Shipping Rate the customer can use.

Why does this happen?

Shopify calls this behavior “Multi-Origin Shipping”. You can read more about Multi-Origin Shipping here: (external link)

That is a great deal of information in very few words. Here is Shopify’s official documentation on how this “rate combining” works for Shipping Profiles: (external link)

There are a few approaches to resolving errant rates or rate doubling caused by using multiple shipping profiles:

  • You can place all of your products in a single profile and rely on Parcelify per-product pricing to make sure groups of products your previously used profiles to separate get priced correctly
  • If you use multiple profiles but do not ship from multiple locations, we can ask Shopify to place your shop in ‘single origin mode.’ This setting informs Shopify to send us the entire cart at once

When to Contact Support:

If you have completed the troubleshooting on this page, and are still having issues with your Shipping Rate, please contact support for additional help troubleshooting your Shipping Rate configuration.