Shipping Rates Troubleshooting

On this page we will visit common troubleshooting steps that can be taken to ensure your Shipping Rate is working the way you have intended it to.

Check your Restrictions:

You may have added a restriction to a rate that is not working the way that you had expected. There are two places to check for these.

  1. Shipping Zone restrictions
  2. Shipping Rate restrictions

Shipping Zone restrictions will prevent shipping rates from being displayed in the checkout if one or more of the products in the cart match the Shipping Zone restriction.

An example Zone named North America. Below that is where you enter Product Restrictions

Shipping Rate Product restrictions will prevent a shipping rate from displaying in your checkout if one or more of the products in the cart do not match the shipment product restrictions on the shipping rate.

Shipping Rate Weight restrictions will prevent a shipping rate from showing in your checkout unless the total weight falls inside your minimum and maximum weight requirements.

Shipping Rate Value restrictions will prevent a shipping rate from displaying in your checkout unless the total value falls inside your minimum and maximum value requirements.

Image displaying Rate Restrictions

Check your Shipping Rate Prices:

You may have added a Price that is affecting the Shipping Rate from showing up the way you are expecting.

Check that the cart falls within your current Price product and destination restrictions. Keep in mind that each Price stacks and everything added inside of a Shipping Rate will apply during calculation.

Image displaying Prices

If the Price is incorrect:

If your Shipping Rate is showing up as an amount you are not expecting, your Price may not currently be configured in a way to produce the Shipping Rate you are expecting. Verify your Pricing structure and ensure that the current cart combination should apply to this cart.

  • Check to make sure that destination address matches all of the prices you were expecting to apply
  • Check to make sure that at least one product in the cart matches the product restrictions for the prices you were expecting to apply
  • Ensure total quantity, weight or price of the products that should apply match what you you were expecting

If your Shipping Rate shows up as “Shipping Rate” in the Checkout, and is different than you are expecting (often double the price), this means you are using multiple Shipping Locations, and two rates are being merged together. See the Shipping Profiles Troubleshooting documentation for more information.

If the Shipping Rate didn’t show up at Checkout

At least one price must apply for a Shipping Rate to display in the checkout. Make sure to double-check your:

Your Shipping Rates work when adding single products but not multiple:

You likely set up an individual shipping rate per product instead of adding rules to calculate a combined shipping rate at checkout. Double check your Shipping Rate to ensure every item in the cart qualifies based on the current rules.

It’s possible you have a Value or Weight restriction in place that is incorrect. Double check all Restrictions you have added to the shipping rate, and ensure your current test cart qualifies for the rate.

If the Prices look correct but there are still errors with multiple products, it’s possible your products currently are coming from different Shipping Profiles and you do not currently have Parcelify added to the corresponding Shipping Profile on Shopify. See the Shipping Profiles Troubleshooting documentation for more information.

Check your Shipping Profiles:

If Shipping Rates are working correctly for some zones and not others, you may not yet have Parcelify added to the correct Shipping Profile on Shopify’s side.

By default, when you add Parcelify it is only added to your main Shipping Profile. If you have multiple Shipping Profiles, you’ll need to add Parcelify manually to your additional profiles. Please see the Shipping Profiles Troubleshooting documentation for more information.

Checking if your Shipping Rate is Disabled:

You may have disabled a Shipping Rate, which would cause it not to appear on your checkout anymore. Shipping Rates can be disabled on both the Shopify side and inside of Parcelify directly.

If you do not see your Shipping Rate inside of Shopify’s Shipping Settings, it’s likely that Shopify has not yet synced up with new rates. Shopify syncs this data with your Shipping Settings once every 48 hours. If you need to disable a rate right away before it’s displayed on Shopify, you can disable it directly from inside Parcelify instead.

Shopify's Edit rate dialog with all services unchecked

We recommend only enabling and disabling Parcelify rates from the Parcelify app.

A test Parcelify Rate Disable with the Disable shipping rate button present

You created or edited an Automated Collection:

If you created a new automated Collection on Shopify’s side it can occasionally take up to 24 hours to sync to Parcelify. If it seems like a rate isn’t working, it’s possible that the information required for us to calculate the rate is not yet available. When you’re ready to launch your new products, it’s best to prepare the data in Shopify as soon as possible so Parcelify can have that data synced when you are ready to go live.

Parcelify does a sync with Shopify once per day to ensure we have accurate and up to date data. Once synced, the Shipping Rate will begin to work as intended. If you require data to be synced sooner or there is an emergency, please contact our Support who will ensure things are up to date in Parcelify’s database right away for you instead of waiting for the automatic daily sync.

Syncing issues like this will only happen with Automated collections.

You made a Recent Plan change on Shopify:

If you recently made a change to your Shopify plan, and noticed your Parcelify shipping rates are no longer working then it’s possible you have accidentally removed the Carrier Calculated Shipping feature from your plan. This feature is required for Parcelify to function correctly. Contact Shopify’s Support right away to have your plan updated.

When to Contact Support:

If you have completed the troubleshooting on this page, and are still having issues with your Shipping Rate, please contact support for additional help troubleshooting your Shipping Rate configuration.