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Zones are the geographical areas each of your locations ship to.

Adding zones

  1. From the Location page, select the “Add a shipping zone” button.
  2. Name your shipping zone

    Tips: When naming your zone we suggest describing the areas it covers.

  3. Add product restrictions

    If you have products that can’t ship to this zone use the “Add product restrictions” link.

Tip: To learn more about how product restrictions work read: Restricting certain items from shipping to to a zone

  1. Add countries and provinces (Should be countries and regions)

    Specify which countries and regions are part of this zone. You can scroll or use the search bar to find the countries / regions you wish to add.

Important: Each Country / Region can only be added to one Zone.

  1. Save

Now that you have added a zone you are ready to add shipping rates.

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