Create custom shipping rates for your Shopify store.


Boost sales with free shipping

Entice shoppers to make the purchase by offering free-shipping for certain products or when the order is over a certain value.


Reduce abandoned carts

Build custom rates to collect just enough to cover shipping and handling fees


Add a personal touch, offer in-store pickup or local delivery

Offer local shoppers faster, cheaper options for getting their order. Build relationships that drive repeat business.


How it works


Create your zones

Define shipping zones based on countries, states/provinces, cities or zip/postal codes or use the default "Everywhere" zone.


Setup the rate calculation

Use our versatile rate builder to define how you want the price of shipping to be calculated based on the combination of products, boxes, weight, price of the order.


Define rate conditions

Set conditions that define when each rate is to be displayed to the shopper. Use conditions to offer a rate when the order includes or excludes certain products, or meets Min/Max conditions for weight or price.

We're here to help

Shipping rates can be complicated, so whether you are having trouble getting started or have a more tricky problem to solve, our team is here for you.

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I was interested in this app because I required shipping costs per item/sku. The customer support was excellent and the app worked great. Great value app compared to others on the market!

Leaf of London

Only way I have found to deal with dimensional weight and special issues. Works great and easy to add new things. Best of all support is exceptional.

Arms & Armor

This is the exact app that i've been desperately searching for over the course of the last month! The ability to set different rates for different products, of different weights, in different countries and have full control over what conditions these rates will be viewed under is amazing!

Ski Addiction


Can I use Parcelify with other rate providers?

Yes. Keep in mind that we cannot restrict other apps from showing rates. All valid rates across all apps will be shown to your customers


Can I set up product-based pricing?

Of course! You can build prices for individual products, different ranges of products, or a flat rate per product, vendor, collection, or SKU.


Do you work internationally?

Parcelify can provide rates to wherever you can ship. Simply add us to your Shopify Shipping zones anywhere you need custom shipping rates!


Don't have Carrier Calculated Shipping?

With Parcelify Storefront Shipping rates you can provide custom shipping rates to your customers even without CCS. See the No CCS? page in our Documentation for more details!


Can I use tags?

Yes! Currently our app supports using Product tags, Product Type, and Collection information to control pricing and rate availability.



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