What is Parcelify?

Parcelify allows you to build custom shipping rates to be displayed in your Shopify checkout. Shipping rates can be controlled by where the order is coming from, where it’s going, and what products are in your customer’s cart.

Why are custom shipping rates important?

As businesses continue to move to a digital by default model, the opportunity to interact with the buyer and enhance the buyer’s experience is limited. Providing the best possible shipping experience is one of the very few chances a business has to build a relationship with their customers.

How does it work?

Parcelify connects to your Shopify store using a feature called carrier-calculated shipping, or CCS for short. Shopify offers CCS to stores who:

  1. Are on the Shopify Advanced or Plus Plan
  2. Pay for the feature separately (Contact Shopify’s Support to add CCS to your monthly plan a-la-carte for an additional fee)
  3. Subscribe to an annual plan on Shopify (Once on an annual plan, Shopify can add this feature to your subscription for no additional fee. You must still contact Shopify’s Support to have CCS added to your plan, it does not happen automatically once you upgrade to annual)

Once connected to your Shopify store, when a customer adds an item to their cart and proceeds through the checkout Shopify will ask Parcelify for shipping rates. Parcelify will respond with the shipping rates that apply, and Shopify will present them to the customers so they can make their choice.

Follow the link below for more information:
https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/shipping/setting-up-and-managing-your-shipping/enabling-shipping-carriers (external link)