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Parcelify is designed so that everything you need to build and control rates are in one place. Even so, a simple Shopify or Parcelify misconfiguration is often at the heart of missing rates, duplicate prices, and error messages at checkout.

In this section:

  • Rate troubleshooting - Your first stop for fixing misbehaving shipping rates. This includes rates not showing at checkout, showing at checkout when they should, and displaying the incorrect price

  • Shopify configuration issues - Identify problems with your Shopify configuration that affect what rates are shown at checkout

  • Shipping Profile and Multi Location troubleshooting - Specific information on how to identify when you have a problem with Shopify shipping profiles and options for how to provide rates when you ship from multiple locations

  • Enable backup rates in Shopify - We’ve built Parcelify from the ground up for stability and speed. Even so, sometimes things go wrong. This guide will show you how to enable backup rates in Shopify so you can avoid losing sales due to a problem with your rates or outage between our services

  • Google Merchant Center - Learn about how Google, Shopify, and Parcelify interact

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