Product Sets

Product Sets allow you to set prices for groups of products. Say for example you sell posters and ship them in tubes. You have a small tube that holds up to 4 posters and a larger tube that holds up to 8. So the price to ship 1 or 4 posters is the same and the price to ship 5-8 is the same.

With Product sets you can define these quantities and set the pricing rule for them.

So in this example lets assume all the posters in the shop have SKUs that start with “poster” and that the price you want to set to ship 1-4 posters is $5.00 and 5-8 posters is $7.50.

(Note: What happens when someone orders 9-12 posters? The rate they will be charged is $12.50, 13-16? $15 and so on…)

Then you would configure the Product set as follow: