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Shopify Carrier-Calculated Shipping

Carrier-calculated shipping, hereafter abbreviated “CCS,” is a Shopify feature that allows you to connect Parcelify to Shopify. Once connected, Shopify will send rate requests to our platform and accept shipping rates we produce to be displayed at checkout.

Why do I need CCS?

As of this writing, Shopify requires it. Without this feature, Shopify will not notify us that your customers are checking out and so we are unable to return shipping rates.

How to get CCS

There are three ways to get your hands on this Shopify feature:

  1. Switch to Shopify Annual Billing

    When you bill annually through Shopify, CCS comes built-in. To change your billing cycle, please follow the Shopify documentation here

  2. Switch to the Shopify Advanced or Plus plans

    Just like annual billing, these plans include CCS at no additional cost. For more information on how to change your plan, please follow the Shopify documentation here

  3. Pay monthly for CCS

    If neither of the first two options make sense for your shop, you can simply ask Shopify to enable this feature for a monthly fee ($20 USD)

If you run into any issues adding CCS to your account, or if you wish to take advantage of standalone monthly payments for CCS, we encourage you to reach out to Shopify ( from the primary email address attached to your shop and ask them to make the appropriate changes.

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