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Theme Integrations

This document will outline how to manage Parcelify Storefront theme integrations and other storefront enhancements.

How to manually remove integrations

When you disable the Storefront Shipping Rates feature it will automatically remove the theme integrations from your active theme. If you have uninstalled Parcelify and wish to manually remove the theme integrations, the following to changes are required:

First, Remove the theme.liquid Snippet

Within the theme.liquid layout file there is a snippet of code towards the end of the file that looks like this:

{% if content_for_header contains '' %}
  {% render 'parcelify-checkout-script' %}
{% endif %}

Remove the five lines of code from the
through to

Next, Remove parcelify-cart-snippet.liquid

Within the Snippets section of your theme there is a parcelify-cart-snippet.liquid file. Delete this file if the above snippet was removed from the theme.liquid file.

Reinstalling theme integrations

If you change your theme then the Parcelify integrations will be lost. Use the “Re-install Theme Integrations” button found in the Parcelify admin to re-install the theme integrations.

Screenshot of re-install theme integrations option

Customizing Colors

The accent colours of the customer information and rate selection are customizable by adding custom CSS variables to your Shopify theme.

Colour Reference

There are three accent colours that are customizable - the default colour and lighter and darker variants of it.


Updating Your Theme

To customize these colours is, simply add the following CSS variables to your theme.liquid layout file either by creating a new style block, or adding them to an existing one.

{% style %}
  :root {
    --parcelify-primary-color: #bf94e4; // default
    --parcelify-primary-color-lighter: #DDC2F4; // lighter
    --parcelify-primary-color-darker: #A06BCD; // darker
{% endstyle %}

Removing Shipping Rate Products from Catalog

Parcelify Shipping Rate Products will appear in your “All Products” catalog and be accessible by your customers. This can be fixed by creating a custom All collection.


Create a new collection

Create a new Collection with the name “All” and a condition of Product Vendor is not equal to “Parcelify”:


Save the collection and you are done. Parcelify Shipping Rate products are not accessible by your customers.


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