Documentation Fundamentals


In this series of docs we cover every corner of Parcelify in detail. Whether you are trying to squeeze the most out of our app or you simply want to know more about a given feature, this is the right place to look!

  • Locations - All your shipments start somewhere. Parcelify calls that ‘somewhere’ a Location

  • Shipping Zones - Shipping zones allow you to group areas that require the same service levels together. These can be several countries wide, or as small as a single province

  • Shipping Rates - Here is where the magic happens. A shipping rate in Parcelify represents a level of service you are promising your customers and also allows you to offer prices unique to areas within a zone (such as prices by city or post code). A shipping rate can have:
    • Rate restrictions - Control when a rate is shown
    • Prices - Tell us how much shipping should cost for this service level. These can be defined by area, the presence of a specific products, product weight, price, or quantity
    • Tiered by delivery area - A special price that allows you to combine shipping prices by location and price, weight, or quantity
  • Carrier Calculated Shipping - If you want Shopify to display your shipping rates, you gotta have CCS. This doc covers why along with suggestions on how to get this service enabled on your shop
Parcelify Documentation Locations - where you ship from