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Locations represent where your products ship from. Your locations in Parcelify correlate directly to your Shopify locations, though it is only necessary to add locations where products ship from in Parcelify.

A Location is the physical addresses where an order will originate before being shipped to itโ€™s destination. Some drop-shipping apps use an App Location, which allows the app to act as your origin location.

App Locations

Locations that come from an app will not sync to Parcelify. These will instead share your default physical location. Any Shipping Rates you set up for your default location will apply to your App locations.

Adding Locations

When you open Parcelify you are presented with a list of shipping locations. If none are listed or if you would like to add additional locations, simply select the [Add Location] button.

Syncing Locations

If you have recently added a shipping location in Shopify and it is not reflected in our app, click Synchronize ๐Ÿ” then [Add Location]

Image displaying a shipping Location, followed by the synchronize location button, an example location, and button to add more locations

You should also synchronize your locations any time you edit them in your Shopify settings to properly reflect the new location change in Parcelify.

Multi-location shipping

This section is only relevant if you:

Shipping from multiple locations changes how shipping rates are calculated in a few fundamental ways. Instead of looking at the entire cart at once, Shopify only shares part of the checkout with us from each location until all of the products in the cart are accounted for. We cover these differences in our comprehensive Multi- profile and location troubleshooting guide.

The big advantage of using multi-location shipping is that you can design shipping rates based on where the order is shipping from. However, the downside here is that you will no longer be able to control rates based on cart total - for example, the total weight of the cart, number of items in the cart, or total price of the order. (Please contact us if you use multi-location shipping for fulfilment but do not need shipping rates based on where the order comes from.)

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