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Shipping Rates

A shipping rate represents the level of service you are promising your customer: what kind of shipping is to be provided, how long it will take to arrive, and how much it will cost. Parcelify helps you build shipping rates by letting you control how the rate is named, provide how long this service takes to ship, and by giving you a number of options to calculate how each order should be priced. Each Parcelify rate corresponds to a single shipping rate at checkout.

Parts of a rate

Name and Description
These are the most forward elements of a shipping rate. They should convey what level of service the customer should expect for their order. Examples include Free shipping, Same-day Shipping, Local Delivery, Freight Delivery, and so on.

Shipment Value Restrictions
Here you can control the minimum or maximum order amount this shipping rate will display within. Orders outside of this range will cause the corresponding rate to be hidden at checkout. This is useful when setting up a Free Shipping over certain amount rate. For example, a Free Shipping over $50 would have a minimum of fifty dollars. You can add just a minimum, just a maximum or both a minimum and a maximum value to a Shipping rate.

Shipment Weight Restrictions
Similar to value restrictions, these settings describe what weight the order must be for this shipping rate to display. You can restrict a shipping rate to show up only when an order has not met a minimum weight, and not show when it has surpassed a maximum weight.

Shipping Product Restrictions
In this dialog you can describe what products must (or must not) be present in the customer’s cart for this shipping rate to be presented at checkout. This allows you to create shipping rates that pertain to certain products, or block a shipping rate when specific products are in the cart.

For a detailed breakdown of restrictions that apply to the entire rate, please continue reading here: Detailed Rate Restriction Documentation


Once you have defined how your shipping rate should be displayed (along with any restrictions on the entire rate mentioned above) the last, most important step will be to describe how the cost of the shipping rate should be calculated.

Every shipping rate you create will include a free flat-rate price by default, but we have designed many flexible ways for you to design exactly how the final total for this shipping rate should be calculated. Prices can apply to all items in the cart, collections, tagged items, or individual products:

  • Weight based: These rules help you define shipping costs based on weight - either the weight of specific products or the entire cart itself
  • Price based: Rules that allow you to add shipping costs based on the total order amount.
  • Item based: These rules help you define shipping prices based on the number of items ordered.

For a detailed breakdown of prices, please continue reading here: Detailed Price Documentation

Additional options

Once you save a shipping rate in Parcelify, you will notice some additional options underneath your rate name at the top of the page:

  • Help
    Conveniently links to this page
  • Disable rate
    Allows you to control whether or not this rate will show at checkout. Make sure to click [Save] after enabling or disabling a rate
  • Duplicate rate
    Copies all rate settings (including prices) into a new rate within the same zone, opens the rate for you, and appends “(copy)” to the rate name. From here you can change the rate name, make adjustments as you see fit, and [Save] to commit this copied rate
  • Delete
    Immediately and permanently deletes the shipping rate
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