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Why use Shopify Backup shipping rates?

We know the most critical part of your sales funnel is checkout. That’s why we built Parcelify with speed and stability in mind. Even so, receiving checkout requests and providing shipping rates requires a connection between Shopify and Parcelify and that connection can fail.

In this situation, most merchants agree that securing a sale then correcting the shipping later on is preferable to losing the sale forever. In the exceedingly rare case that Parcelify goes down or can’t be reached, the most important thing is that customers can still proceed through checkout.

Shopify shares this perspective and provides a method for your customers to continue receiving shipping rates even when we can’t be reached: Shopify backup shipping rates


These are the basic steps for setting up Shopify Backup shipping rates. For a full description of this feature, please see their Backup shipping rates documentation (External).

  1. Go to your Shopify admin panel
  2. In the bottom-left, click ⚙ Settings
  3. Next, click 🚚 Shipping and delivery on the left
  4. At the bottom of the Shipping section, look for the heading, “Backup Shipping Rates” screenshot
  5. Click Activate

Additional Information

Once backup rates are enabled you get the peace of mind knowing, no matter what, as long as Shopify is online your customers will be able to receive a shipping rate and proceed through checkout.

However, if you ever see a Shopify backup rate was used for one of your orders, we strongly encourage you to reach out to us at with order details such as the shipping address and products ordered. This allows us to investigate the incident and follow-up with Shopify to address the cause of the incident. Thank you!

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