Documentation Tutorials


Below are a list of helpful walkthroughs for setting up specific components of Parcelify. These are aimed at users already familiar with the relationship between shipping Locations, Zones, and Rates.

In this section:

  • Product Based Shipping - This guide will walk you through how to specify shipping prices for a product or collection of products

  • Destination Specific Shipping Prices - Here you will learn how to create a shipping price that only applies to certain locations within your shipping Zone

  • Promotional Shipping Rates - This guide will walk you through how to set up Free or Reduced shipping rates when a customer has met specific cart requirements

  • Percentage Based Shipping Prices - Here we cover how to add a percentage of the order total or product total to a shipping rate

  • UK Postcode Guide - A helpful collection of prebuilt UK postcode prefixes to easily copy, drop, and edit into your destination specific shipping prices

  • Rate Merging - This guide explains how Parcelify handles merging shipping costs compared to Shopify

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