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Like our application, our documentation is broken into logical sections from our most commonly requested features down to detailed fundamentals to help you get the most out of Parcelify.


This is the section you are currently in. Here we give you an overview of Parcelify, a few examples to get you started, and provide you with a quick link to our most frequently asked questions (FAQ).


With the basics out of the way, these tutorials cover how to set up our most commonly requested shipping rates. Shipping over a certain amount? Product specific shipping? Shipping in the UK? We have you covered.

Storefront Components + Technical

We’ve built a shipping rate calculator you can use to improve your buyer’s experience by letting them know what rates to expect right on your cart page. These sections cover everything about how to install, configure, and style it.

Storefront Shipping Rates

These docs describe when and how to use Parcelify Storefront, a special feature aimed at shops with unique shipping requirements or small shops who do not wish to use Shopify’s CCS feature.

Case Studies

Sometimes the best way forward is to understand those who came before. This section provides details on how to set up a shop from scratch, closely approximated from real merchants live on our platform right now.


Here is where you really get to know Parcelify. Intended for advanced users, this section covers every corner of our app - every text field and dropdown - so you can customize your shipping rates down to the finest detail.


Despite our best efforts, shipping rates are complicated to design and provide. This section provides guidance for when your rates do not show, they do not show as expected, and various other issues that may occur.

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