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Example Use Cases

Sometimes the best way to approach a new challenge is to see how others have solved it before. Below are a list of step-by-step tutorials heavily based on live shops and how they used Parcelify to provide the shipping rates they need.

  • Patrick’s Prints! - This shop provides most of their products via drop shipping, but has a few physical products to ship as well. It covers the basics of per-product pricing
  • Campbell’s Cakes - In this tutorial you will be designing a shop that sells multiple makes of cake to a few local regions. This is similar to the first per-product pricing tutorial but with added complexity to the shipping prices and locations
  • Alex’s Auto Parts - Here you take the wheel of an auto-parts shop with multiple different service levels (shipping rates). You will use Parcelify to add a service level to your existing rates so more customers can order from your shop
Parcelify Documentation Simple drop shipping example